Professor in Theoretical Physics

Type of employment: Permanent post
Extent: 100 %
Location: University of Gothenburg, Department of Physics
First day of employment: 2017-09-01 or upon agreement
Reference number: PER 2016/211
Last application date: 2017-04-23
Subject area
Theoretical Physics
Specific subject description
The Faculty of Science at the University of Gothenburg invites applications for a professorship in theoretical physics at the Department of Physics. The Department of Physics has 30 faculty members, with a total of some 70 employees including PhD students, postdocs, and administrative and technical personnel. The Department is located on the main campus of Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Department activity takes place in close cooperation with the physics departments at Chalmers, formalized through the joint "Fysikcentrum in Gothenburg". This arrange­ment allows the appointed professor to participate in one of Sweden’s broadest physi­cs environments. The Department is currently conducting research in condensed mat­ter physics and spintronics, biological physics and complex systems, as well as ato­mic and molecular physics. Research areas for the new professorship would most naturally be related to the existing theoretical or experimental activities at the depart­ment. However, an exceptional applicant would be able to pursue new research in areas not previously represented at the department.
Job assignments
We are seeking someone with the ability to build up an internationally competitive research environment. Primary duties will be research in the chosen field, supervi­sion of graduate students as well as teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level with special emphasis in theoretically oriented subjects. Other duties include creating and maintaining contacts with the surrounding society as well as managerial duties. The appointed professor is expected to teach in Swedish within two years.
The qualifications for academic positions are given in the Higher Education Ordinance. In addition, the ability to teach in Swedish or English within the stated time frame is a requirement.
Your application will primarily be valued based on your scientific merits and in second hand on your pedagogical merits, that will be valued with the same attention.
Skill in research in the field will be judged through publications in leading journals as well as other criteria such as invitations to conferences, international assignments and demonstrated ability to obtain external competitive research funding from both national and international funding agencies. Demonstrated ability to lead and manage research is of central importance. The applicant should also demonstrate how the research relates to or complements the existing theoretical or experimental activities in the department.
In addition to experience in supervising graduate students, skill in education and teaching will be assessed by documented experience at all levels of formal teaching, the results of course evaluations as well as presentation of educational materials developed by the candidate.
On overall assessment of the application will also take into consideration proven skill and future potential, the ability to perform other duties associated with such appoint­ment, interoperate with the personnel and the prospects to contribute positively to the department.
Mattias Goksör, Head of Department +4631 786 91 25
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Bewerbungsschluss: 23.04.2017