The Hemibody Immunotherapy Lab (Lead: Gernot Stuhler) at the University Hospital Würzburg/Germany (Dept. of Medicine II, Chair: Prof. Einsele) is inviting applicants for a

Doctoral Thesis Position for
Antibody Development/Protein
Engineering (f/m)

Our group has been decisively involved in the generation and translation of bi-specific antibodies from bench to bedside (Bargou, Science 2008). The Hemibody Lab introduces the next generation of engineered antibody derivatives, so called hemibodies, for combinatorial immunotherapy of cancer.
Your challenge: construction of novel recombinant antigenbinders for with extended specificity. Expression and processing of proteins in different prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell systems, for innovative hemibodies with defined characteristics. You will investigate and optimize efficacy and pharmacokinetic of the antibody derivatives in vitro and in humanized animal models in vivo.
Your profile: Applicants for this position must have a strong interest in immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The applicant will have an extraordinary level of work ethic and enthusiasm, a team- and result-oriented work style, excellent communication and organizational skills, the ability to face scientific challenges with creativity and dedication. Experience with recombinant expression of challenging proteins is of advantage.
Your team: Our lab and department provides a stimulating and nurturing environment with a team of experienced, dedicated scientists.
The Department of Medicine at the University Hospital Würzburg runs one of the largest Clinical Phase I Trial Unit in Germany, which provides numerous opportunities for bench to bedside interaction, education and clinical translation.
The doctoral candidate will be able to participate in the mentoring of PhD-/MD-program for 3 years (extendible) and contribute to lab management and organization.
Application: Please send your CV to: Gernot Stuhler
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